Monday Window

window in St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Key West, FL (Aug. 2012) window at Ernest Hemmingway's home in Key West, FL (see the cat curtains?) Aug 2012

My liver needs a vacay – part 2

I made it.  No drinks today.  I'm proud of myself. Thank you to the lovely ladies that commented on my liver vacay part 1 post - I feel blessed that you chimed in to help out a gal.  findingasobermiracle  and wakinguponthewrongsideof50, you both helped me so much today.  Never-ending gratitude to you both.

Travel theme: Precious

Mini daffodils One of my most precious possessions:  arrowhead collection from my Dad.  He had saved them from his father, who found them while farming in Indiana.  Dad built the box and mounted the nicest ones for me. My beautiful daughter, Katie --- my eldest My beautiful daughter Stephanie - the baby Baby muskovy ducklings …