It’s been a while ….

gwen blues 12JUN2019

Hi all …….. I’ve not been posting much (or at all!) for quite a while, as I’ve been trying to work on a few personal issues.

Issue #1 – I’ve been 3 weeks sober.  I know I’ve gone thru this “give up the vodka” thing before, and I’m not saying this could be IT for drinking in the future, but I decided to give my body, especially my liver, a break.  I had to let the “vodka voice” go away.

Issue #2 – I’ve gotten back on Keto.  Although the vodka voice went away, the “Halo Top ice cream voice” has taken up residence.  That bastard has to be kicked to the curb.

Issue #3 – I’ve gone back to journaling to hopefully start actually liking myself.  I write a “letters to God” entry in my journal at night before bed to just give thanks for all that He has given me and to ask for further strength in my struggles.

It’s not a perfect journey or system or anything, but it’s a way I can get a better handle on what I want my life to be.

Thanks to Sober(ish) for the insights, the tools, and the support, via the blog or Facebook group.  Thanks also to Dwight at Faded Jeans Living for sharing his stories.  There are a lot of GREAT sobriety blogs out there, but these 2 are my go-to’s.

…. and thanks to y’all for reading.  And following.  It means a lot.

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