St. Louis Blues – 2019 Stanley Cup Champs!

St. Louis hockey fans are delirious – for the first time in the club’s history, the Blues bring home the coveted Stanley Cup.

But haters are gonna hate.

My ex-husband, on Facebook, cries “who paid off the Bruins?” “ref’s blew it” “looks like Bruins were paid not to play …”

Well, that’s just him in a nutshell.  Sore loser. Total whiner. Giving me the most shit about wearing another team’s shirt.  Good grief, get a grip.

I, unfortunately, was unable to watch, as I only have Netflix.  I probably would’ve gone to a local bar to watch, but I wasn’t about to go alone.  And then there’s the drinking and driving thing.  Not a good idea.  So I watched Outlander on Netflix and checked my phone periodically for score updates.  After the win, there were fireworks booming somewhere, although I didn’t see them.

It’s just good to see something GOOD happen to St. Louis.  Many times I find it hard to look past the “murder capital of the US” and see the decent stuff, but seeing the Blues fans cheering on their team and showing pride in their city, I feel a bit better about living here.  Kinda.

Congrats St. Louis!

4 Replies to “St. Louis Blues – 2019 Stanley Cup Champs!”

  1. I’m not a Bruins fan, (I live in Toronto so Maple Leafs) but I like some of the players and I have a soft spot for Tuukka Rask (the goalie) because I love the Finnish players. He had a terrible game and my heart breaks for him but I am so NOT unhappy that Marchant and DeBrusk did not get to have that cup. Ha.

    I love that an underdog won it. What a fantastic win for St. Louis. 🙂

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