LGB! – Game 7, Stanley Cup Finals

stanley cup 2019

We pause in our regularly scheduled blogging to note the upcoming Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, St. Louis Blues v. Boston Bruins.

Now, I’m a hockey gal.  I may not know all the players or all the penalties, etc., but I love me some hockey.

Chicago Blackhawks hockey to be precise.

That said, my ‘Hawks were in the toilet this year (next to last in the conference), so I have nothing to brag about here.  Living in St. Louis.  Where the Blues are 3 periods away from a potential Stanley Cup win.

Life is hard when you’re a Chicago sports fan living in St. Louis.

That said, I wore a SIGNED St. Louis Blues jersey a week ago Monday for our company Blues Rally.

AT blues rally

(there I am, right between the 2 signs!)  Photo courtesy of Armstrong Teasdale LLP Facebook page

And today I’m sporting a men’s XL Henley shirt I BOUGHT:

Me  and my buddy Chris hamming it up.

Now, you’d think I’d committed murder or something, wearing “another team’s shirt…”


I live here, not Chicago.  I love my Chicago teams, but if they are out of the playoffs, why not support your local team?  What am I gonna do, wear a Blackhawk’s jersey instead?  I mean, I’m not a total douchebag.

So yeah, I’ll passively root for the Blues tonight.  Bring on the Cup.  Join in on the fun.

But wait ’til next year ……………


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