Route 66 – photos

A year ago, my sister and I headed out on an EPIC road trip from St. Louis, MO to Flagstaff, AZ, following a Route 66-ish route.  Due to time constraints, there’s no way we could follow Route 66 itself — it would take months to wander through each and every small town.  That said, we did stop at a lot of really cool spots.

We truly wanted to see all of the murals in Cuba, MO and we weren’t disappointed.  They are EVERYWHERE!  Here are just a few:


Further along, in Springfield, MO, we stopped at the Route 66 Steak and Shake Restaurant.  Built in 1962, it has the old-fashioned diner look and two historic free-standing signs.


“take home a sack” ….


my sister and “Bertha”, our adventure-mobile.


more to come …

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