Trailer dreaming …

I love to camp.

I no longer love to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag.

I’m wanting a camper.  A retro-looking pull-behind.  Somethin’ like this:


Super cute — right up my alley.  And hey, it’s RED!  I liked the turquoise one, too, but the red one really stood out.

So, the reason I bring this up is that #1, my sister and I are meeting up with Sisters On The Fly (I’m Sister #9927) this weekend at Pere Marquette State Park in Godfrey, IL for our first Sisters event of the season.  Many of the gals have CUUUUUUUUUUUTE trailers, which gives me and my sister serious camper-envy.  #2 is that last night, while over-imbibing on Dulce Vita Lime Tequila (over ice with lime sparkling water), I was cranking tunes (in my ear buds) from the late-60’s/early-70’s and thinkin’ …. “hey, I could have a camper called the Tin Can Time Machine!!  A hippie camper!  How cool would THAT be!”  I dunno, maybe it was just the Lime Tequila, but I loved the idea.  I missed out on being a Flower Child (I was born in 1962), but dayum! I love my Mamma’s and Pappa’s!  California Dreaming!  Creque Alley!  Monday Monday!  I would tye-dye up some blankets and curtains, have a couple of macramé hangers with plants in them (fake plants …), peace signs, puka shells ………. I can so see it in my mind.

Maybe I just need to find a VW camper van ………………

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11 Replies to “Trailer dreaming …”

  1. I love those little campers! But, I’ve graduated a bit up from them over the years.
    We just picked up our 5th wheel last weekend. It’s our 3rd camper. Probably not our last 😉
    The added luxury is not for us, but for our 2 border collies… Nothing but the best for them! 😂🤣

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