Happy Birthday, Katie #25!

Today is a hard day for me.  It should be a happy day, and it is, I guess, but also sad.  My eldest daughter turned 25 today, but I won’t be celebrating with her.

She’s the daughter who cut me out of her life.

I still sent her a gift, cuz, ya know, if I didn’t, then I’d be the Mom who didn’t send a gift to her adult child.  I’d be the asshole AGAIN.  But I never get a “thanks” or even an acknowledgement that it was received.  At least not until I balance my checkbook and see that the check I sent was cashed.

Here she is as a little girl:

And here she is as a beautiful woman:


I guess I will celebrate in my own way.  In my own head.  Probably with an excess of wine, like I have the last few days.

I can only hope she grows up and out of this hatefulness.  If not, well, there’s nothing I can do about it.  I’ll just keep trying – putting myself out there, like I always do, risking massive heartache.  But if I DON’T try, I’ve definitely lost her.

6 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Katie #25!”

  1. Hugs Gwenn – I can’t even imagine what you feel. I do know I’d have a glass or two of wine too. All young brains do strange things, when they finally mature, they may change their thought processes and come to realize their youthful decisions were immature. Don’t give up hope, hopefully, her brain will discover there are second chances in life worth taking. xx

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