What a change

Facebook does this fun/funky “memories” thingie where posts and photos from whenever rear their mostly ugly heads to make you want to, well, throw up or become a part of the witness protection program.  One of those devastating posts showed up on my memories earlier in the week and really made me sit up and take notice.

Now, most of y’all know I have issues with weight, alcohol, and lack of moderation.  I still can’t seem to do Keto when it’s someone’s birthday at work (fuckin’ donuts) or I have my favorite alcohols at home (fuckin’ box wine).  That said, I had lost about 35 lbs a couple of years ago being strict with food AND booze.  I’ve back-slid, but I’m still nowhere near my (over) 230 pounds heaviest.  I’m around the low 200’s now.  I wore a fuckin’ bikini last year!!

But these photos really brought home what 30 extra pounds look like on my body.

Holy shit.

That’s me in the black t-shirt.

Here’s me now:

That’s me in the blue jeans.

I’m definitely no style icon or skinny Minnie, but HOLY BALLS.  I’m a whole lot better now!

I can’t believe I thought I looked good in that black t-shirt with my rolls all hangin’ out.  I can’t believe I got so fat.  I can’t believe I thought it was OK.

Maybe I should keep my “fat Gwen” photos front and center so I don’t go down that slippery slope ever again.  I’ve got shit to do yet in my life.  I don’t have time to die yet from eating and drinking myself into oblivion.  Shit’s gotta stop.

Shit’s gotta stop NOW.

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