Update on my 30 days sober

I don’t know if y’all are familiar with trivia nights held as fundraisers, but Missouri does them a lot.  A. LOT.  My sister will often sign up for them if the recipients are part of the school district for which she is an administrator.  This past Friday night was one of those fundraisers, this time for a local trapshooting club for high school students.  They are good enough to be going on to state competition, which is awesome.  Anyway, we had a table for 10, food enough for probably 25 (!), and one gal brought margaritas.  Well, I did have one.  ONE.  I was able to stop.  And I didn’t crave it when I got home.  No drinks at my parents’ home while watching the Super Bowl.  And I was fine for the entire weekend.

I also weighed in at my sister’s house (I don’t have a working scale) and discovered I’m down 17 pounds since December 30!  I was pretty darned happy about that.

So, I’ll continue on my journey of not drinking (except for that one margarita) and eating my Keto-approved foods.  One day at a time.  Sometimes one meal at a time.

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