my first sober 30 days


It’s hard to admit to yourself that you’re an addict …. you have an addictive personality.  Everything in my life is either YES — balls to the walls or NO — hell to the no.  It’s everything from drinking to eating to running to working to ….. well, you get the idea.

I started back on a strict Keto diet before the New Year.  I didn’t want to  start on a Monday or on January 1 or some other random date …. I just started.  I was over myself.  Part of going back to Keto eating was deciding to ditch the bottle.  I’m certain it’s not a permanent thing, the quitting drinking, but I knew that putting all of those extra calories into my body would NOT get me to where I wanted to be physically.  Weight-wise.  I also knew that I was killing my liver by drinking (more than a) bottle of wine or 1/2 a bottle of vodka.  PER. DAY.  It was also killing my budget.  Even a $10 bottle of wine, when consumed every single day, will knock the shit outta your budget.  Especially when you’re going through Financial Peace University in order to learn how to pay off debt.

So I just stopped.  Boom.  That was over 30 days ago.

Ya gotta know that I thought about drinking EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF EVERY NIGHT.  At least up until this week.  This week, in retrospect, was a turning point — I hadn’t thought about drinking.

And I’ve been doing more to pare down all the shit I’ve accumulated in my adult life.  It has to be done a smidge at a time, as there isn’t much room for boxes in a Mazda Miata convertible.

But it’s gettin’ done.

I’m proud.

17 Replies to “my first sober 30 days”

  1. Way to go girl!! It’s a hard battle! I’m with you on this go get Em attitude because when you are wore out, what do you do next? Um go back to the lousy habits. Hugs I miss you!

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