Swimsuit dreams

My gal pal Shelley from Quaint Revival had a blog post last Wednesday entitled “How to get motivated to fit into your swimsuit for Spring Break“, and I wrote to her in a comment that I wore a bikini in Bonita Beach, FL a couple of years ago.  I was about 200 lbs, after losing about 30 doing Keto, and I just couldn’t give a F@#@K what people thought about it.  Over the weekend, my sister shared some photos via Google Images, and one of me in said bikini was included.  Here I am:

gwen bikini

I was pretty damned proud of losing enough to even BEGIN to think about buying a bikini, and, actually, the bottoms were TOO BIG.  It looked like I pooped my pants when they got wet LOL poop.

So, peeps, do what you feel you must to lose weight before swimsuit season.  I’m gonna just Keto on to heal my insides and if the outside gets smaller, well, that’s awesome.

3 Replies to “Swimsuit dreams”

  1. I love your take on the beach world – your smile says everything, and you’ve inspired me not to worry – it’s more important to enjoy life! Thank you for the call-out to my post…I don’t know how it took me so long to see you had done that!! My Dry January (mostly the no salty chips leading to beer chaser efforts) has proven unexpected weight loss. I apparently had consumed more than my share in caloric content! 😉 PS – you’re beautiful and I love the playful animal print you chose for your suit too!

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