I’m finally in the Christmas spirit …

I’m not one of those women who has to put up a Christmas tree while doing the Thanksgiving Day dishes …. in fact, I usually wait until mid-December to even think about it.  No, I’m not turning over a new leaf.  I DO feel a lot less bah-humbuggy, even if there is still plenty of un-Christmassy-ness in my life.  But I just had a feeling that I should put up my little red Christmas tree at work.  So I did.


And here’s my other little decorations … the snowman has a sign that says “all my friends are flakes…”  ====== how true!


The same evening, I decided to put up my tree at home as well.  I actually have two small trees — one that I bought for my “hood” apartment (after moving out from my 4 years of HELL at my parents’ house), and a 4-footer that I bought on sale at Michael’s last year.  The small tree is now located in my bedroom and will be decorated with tuxedo-kitty and cat mom ornaments:

My living room tree has a decidedly tropical theme, as I’m a Parrothead (Jimmy Buffet fan) and live for the beach.


That said, my new Grinch ornament is in prominent display:


Oh yes, it’s finally Christmastime in St Louis.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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