Well, probably not reeeeeallly, but people in Missouri tend to truly freak out when snow is a real possibility.


I’m most likely in the 3-5″ range, however I’ve also seen a report that up to 10 inches of snow will fall South of St. Louis proper.  I’m CERTAIN that schools are already gearing up for a snow day tomorrow.  THAT makes me laugh out loud.  Seriously.  I’m from the Chicago Northwestern suburbs.  A threat of snow NEVER cancelled school for me.  In fact, the only thing that would really cause school to shut down was #1 the blizzard of 1979 and #2 wind chills of eighty BELOW zero.  My kids would groan over the phone when I’d tell them that STL schools MIGHT get 1 inch of snow …. Elgin, IL would get 6 inches of snow and school would still be on.

Chicago peeps know how to handle it.  We shovel the driveway, scrape our windows, then go to work/school.  There’s no whining about the possibility of an inch of snow.  And kids know that unless there is a real snowmageddon, school is ON.

Since moving down to STL 12 1/2 yrs ago, I’ve gotten a bit soft — I drive a Mazda Miata convertible that is as light as a popcorn fart, so I need to keep 40 lbs of cat litter in the back just to make it the 3 miles to work.  I also detest driving Missouri streets when any precipitation hits – it seems like one raindrop sends people into madness.  Total freak-out mode.  So my “softness” is just because I don’t wanna die in my “tin can death trap” Miata.  I sorta miss big snows, but only when remembering winters as a kid or winters with my own children.  I DON’T miss spending hours outside with snow shovels.  I DO miss sledding on the hill behind our house with my girls … the girls bundled up in snowsuits, our dog Nicky biting at our boots while flying down the hill, seeing who could get the farthest (the creek was the prize location).  Now?  Fugetaboutit.  Someone else can shovel and spread salt.  I hear the ocean calling.

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