Another loss

My husband’s family was touched by suicide last Friday.  Teresa, my ex-sister-in-law, remarried (rather quickly) after my brother-in-law passed away from pancreatic cancer.  He was only 52.  Last Friday, her current husband went out to the woods surrounding their home and shot himself.  He was only 66.  They had been married for 15 years.  No signs of illness, etc. No real reason that anyone can put their finger on.  That being said, no one EVER knows what happens behind closed doors, and there could’ve been serious issues.  I’m sure Teresa has some idea about his reason —- she knows a lot more than she has talked about this last week.  Of course, it’s really no one’s business.  I guess family and friends want some sort of excuse for such a sudden and traumatic happening.

RIP Mike.  I hope you have found peace.

6 Replies to “Another loss”

  1. Very sad…lost a family member this way over 40 years ago now, but I still feel the sense of pain and loss, and just like this, no one ever knew exactly the reason why.

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