Just my luck …

Well, on top of the fact that I’ve been damned unmotivated to post, I’m now typing (ish) while wounded.

A big heavy window fell on my right hand.

I have 9 stitches on my “naughty” finger.

I type for a living.

I drive a stick shift.

I’m frickin’ RIGHT HANDED.

I have a Franken-finger just in time for Halloween.

I spent 5 hours in the ER, surrounded by people that sounded like they had the plague.

I got NO PAIN MEDS.  Just ibuprofen and a couple of worthless Tramadol. (Fuckin’ “opioid epidemic”).



11 Replies to “Just my luck …”

  1. So sorry for your injury! I’ve never heard of Tramadol. I just looked it up and see it’s listed as an opioid. But it doesn’t work? I unfortunately get kidney stones, so I’m always curious what they give now for pain since they’re being so careful. I hope you mend well. – Marty

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