Halloween-ness all year

As I’ve mentioned, I LOVE Halloween.  In fact, if I had my way, I’d have a Gothic-style home filled with dramatic furniture, spooky-ish home goods, and black Victorian-type gowns to wear.  I know there is a community of folks that DO style themselves and their homes in this manner, and I find it mesmerizing.

In that vein, I’ve found a fabulous Facebook page, Me and Annabelle Lee.  She does some incredible DIY crafts, creates dramatic food and drinks (a Black Martini?  don’t mind if I do …) and sells Tea Cup Candles in her Etsy store.  She, in general, lives a Halloween/Gothic lifestyle.  I simply can’t get enough of her DIY’s!

In addition to her Facebook page, her blog, http://www.meandannabellee.com has the instructions for her crafts and the recipes for the food/drinks.  One definite DIY I’m planning on doing is the chalkboard sign like below:


I also love the bookshelf she embellished with Gothic wallpaper:


I could most definitely see myself doing something like this for my condo.

Could I live Gothicly? Halloween-y year round?  Yeah, maybe.  But I’m a pretty eclectic person, so maybe just a part of my home (some day when I’ve planted myself permanently somewhere) could be Gothic, while other parts of my home could be Boho.  I know — I’m a weirdo.  Or, if I ever hit the Lotto, maybe I could have a Gothic house AND a Boho place …. yeah, doubt it.

It’s sure fun to dream, though.


photos from http://www.meandannabellee.com



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