Dad’s birthday bash

We had a really great weekend and party for my Dad’s 80th birthday, which took place the weekend of July 28th/29th.  My brother James and his family flew in from Denver, and my brother Michael and his family drove in from Baltimore.  It was the first time all 4 of us “kids” had been together in 13 years.  Dad was absolutely thrilled, humbled, and rather emotional about it.  My sister had arranged for a professional photographer to come out to the Farm and document the family — all Dad really wanted for his birthday was a photo of the family.  Pretty simple, really.

So, here are a few pics of the day.

My youngest brother Michael, his wife Elayne, and kids Ben, Alex, and Daniel.


Me and my sister, Christine


Christine and her family – daughter Lauren, son John, son-in-law Matt (far left), and granddaughter Clara (mini-Wonder Woman!)


My niece Lauren, her husband Matt, and Clara


Momma and Daddy


My brother James and his wife Jill


James and his family – Jill, and twin daughters Summer (far left) and Hanna (far right)


me with my youngest daughter, Stephanie.  My eldest wasn’t able to come.


Mom and Dad with us “Kids” — in birth order —- me, Christine, James, and Michael


Momma and Daddy with the Grandchildren (and great-granddaughter, Clara)


Our family


Momma and Daddy – love, farm-style!


The photographer, Kelly Susan, was fantastic.  She’s local to my parents’ farm – in Hamel, Illinois.  For information on Kelly Susan Photography, visit her website or find her on Facebook.

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