Post-retirement fashion

My sister and I love to talk about what we wanna do when we retire.  I have a vision of me in a (rental) house, gardening, going to the pool/beach, martinis on the lanai ….. well, I’ve started in on my vision.

I bought a kaftan.

I think “kaftan” is a fancy way to say “fat-ish lady in a mumu.”   Like Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company.

Image result for "mrs. roper"

Oh yeah.  My life is gonna be ALL about being comfortable in my own space.  Living large and LOUD.  Here’s a photo of my new mumu/kaftan:


It’s on it’s way courtesy of Poshmark.   I can’t wait.

I know.  It seems like an odd choice.  I’m normally all about pencil skirts, wiggle dresses (think Mad Men), a bit more tailored look, especially for work.  But, in thinking about a retirement plan, I want to live comfortable.  Like putting on jammies when I get home from work, but flowier, more exotic-ish.

I don’t anticipate going out to the grocery store in this get-up.  This is for home only.

My sister, on the other hand, is gonna go the Indian salwar kameez suit route.

salwar kameez suit

Salwar Kameez suit from ebay at

I REEEEALLY like this outfit and would most definitely go with something like this for every day out and about.  Maybe not as embellished, and I, personally, would go for a V-neck in the tunic.  But you get the idea.

Now THIS is what I’m talking about:

mrs roper party

Photo of Kimberly Ah at home with girlfriends having a “Mrs. Roper” party!!  OMG I would so love this. (click the link to read the entire blog post)

I want this for myself.  This style of retirement, even a life like this BEFORE retirement.  Just to get myself in the proper GROOVE.

I’m diggin’ it.  BIG TIME.


8 Replies to “Post-retirement fashion”

  1. LOL! I love that you’re planning your clothes of all things! I just bought a dress for a future trip in the spring, I held it up for Mr. to see, and he said…”It looks like your jammies…” Hmm… Enjoy your clothing dreams!

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