A Bit of Boho

I’ve really been getting into the Boho vibe lately and have taken steps to decorate, and dress, in a more bohemian way — more color, comfort, homey, free, hippie-ish … more ME.

Anyway, yesterday I hit a new-to-me consignment shop in the STL area, Miriam Switching Post, and have to add this to my “most fav consignment shops” list.  It’s not really upscale per-se, but they had some really nice things there.  I just about drooled all over a $950 red oriental rug (swoon) and ALMOST bought a red couch for $350 (um, ya get the feeling I like RED?).  I bought a couple of cool things, one being a wool oriental rug for $50.  It’s in the foreground of the photo below:


The next shop, Collective Style, is right at the top of my favorites list.  They DO market themselves as an “upscale” consignment shop, however, I’ve found their prices fairly reasonable.  I spent almost $200 there yesterday, but my Mazda Miata convertible was PACKED full of pillows, a rug, and various other fun accessories.

3 round orange pillows and a yellow (center) pillow … pardon my sucky photo


an African tray (I think it’s made of fabric!) and 2 red candleholders (the one in the front of the triad was already mine) — the green vase to the left was made by my eldest daughter in a ceramics class … she thinks it sucks, but I love it.


the red paisley pillow on the right side of the couch


…. I ALMOST didn’t buy this green elephant light, but thought it was super-cute and ultimate in Boho-chic!


Now I’m trying to figure out what color to paint in my condo …..

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