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With the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, and in reading the excellent blog post today from Midlife Margaritas, I wanted to share a website.

Project Seth was started by the parents of Seth Bartosik in 2014 after Seth’s suicide at only 20 years old.  Both of my daughters knew him well, and my youngest was actually on the phone with him moments before he shot himself.  Project Seth is a place where young adults (and old adults) can find hope, help, and support.  There are several fundraisers that are held, including a motorcycle run and a scavenger hunt.  But, mostly, it is a place where people can find help.  Brett and Laura Bartosik never want another parent/grandparent/sibling, etc. to feel the pain, heartbreak, and loss from suicide.

Although the website gives a lot of local (DeKalb County, Illinois) resources, there are also plenty of national resources for those wanting to find help.

My baby daughter has lived with a lot of guilt ….. that she should’ve been able to “save” him or stop him or whatever.  Guilt that she is still alive and he is not.  Both of my daughters have grieved deeply for their friend.  Such a shame that such a decent young man could find no other way around his troubles.  Such loss for his parents, neighbors, friends, schoolmates ….

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If you, or someone you love, needs help, maybe try Project Seth.  Try your local suicide prevention hotline, your family doctor, a pastor, or a good friend.  Talk to people.  Let them help you.  I would hate for another family to live through what the Bartosiks have.

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