Middle-age apathy?

I’ve been outta sorts since returning from my 2-week vacation.

  • I’ve completely blown my Keto/carnivore diet …. pizza, ice cream, potatoes, bread … all consumed on vacation and I seem unable or unwilling to go back to my strict way of eating
  • I’ve been drinking more vodka than ever —- we hardly drank anything during vacation, with the exception of a margarita here and there or wine.
  • I have been having continued stomach issues.  During vacation, I started having, well, ISSUES …. ok, poop issues.  There it is. And a very unsettled stomach.  I chalked it up to changes in diet/water/altitude/etc.  It’s better this week, finally.
  • I can’t sleep worth shit (most likely, see above).  I’m unhappy with my pillows.  I can’t get comfortable.  Too hot.  Too cold.  The cat licks my hand/arm at 2am.
  • I feel like doing NOTHING.  The apathy is staggering.

I dunno, vacay doldrums?  The food/drinking shit has GOT to stop.  I’m sure the bowel and sleep issues will resolve somewhat if I get my act together.  I’ve gained some weight back, as I can see more of my belly (aka tractor tire).  And I don’t wanna talk to or be around family, either.  Probably too much family togetherness (2 weeks straight with my sister, then father’s day).

I know, right??!! WAH WAH WAH, woe is me.  This BLAH-ness happens now and again to me, as it probably does to most people.  I’ll shake it off, eventually.


7 Replies to “Middle-age apathy?”

  1. Hormones suck. Give yourself some time to readjust post vacation, drink extra water, maybe take a good probiotic pill or yogurt and it’ll get better. Maybe. I don’t know, I’m no expert. I just know this: middle age is not for wimps. 🙃

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