Route 66 trip – Route 66 State Park and Museum, Eureka, MO

My sister and I did a pseudo-Route 66 road trip earlier this month.  By “pseudo” I mean that we did NOT travel through every dinky town on what used to be an important part of East-to-West travel.  MANY places that remain on Route 66 and noted in the book Route 66 Adventure Handbook by Drew Knowles are abandoned buildings — filling stations, motels, etc.  Just too sad and boring to drive through dead towns with the only “highlight” being an abandoned filling station.  Route 66 purist I am not.


We did, however, stop at some interesting Route 66 museums, the first being located on the grounds of the Route 66 State Park in Eureka, MO.  While only 24 miles from my home base in U-City, MO, we were super-glad to have taken the time to visit the museum.  It was very interesting, and a great place to start on our journey.  Here are a few photos of the museum and its collections:


the route map with many iconic stops along the way


I took the photo with the Big Boy memorabilia because we used to eat at the Big Boy in Carpentersville, IL when we were growing up.  We’d go on Fridays (while my Mom and future step-dad were dating) for the fish fry.


In the gift shop was a completed Route 66 puzzle … I have had the same puzzle sitting on my kitchen table for about a year ….. ugh, I’ll never get it done at this rate.


5 Replies to “Route 66 trip – Route 66 State Park and Museum, Eureka, MO”

  1. I felt the same way about the old Route 66 stops throughout Arizona while there a couple of months ago. Several were just sad–and a little scary with graffiti and a feeling of being generally unsafe. We did hit some cool spots, though, and glad we gave them a chance. I loved the Big Boy memorabilia–we used to go there growing up also. Eating out was a treat for us, and the Big Boy was always exciting to see. Dawn

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