I’m baaaaack!

Back from the wilds of the American Southwest.

Back to reality … work (ugh), blogging, and kitty-petting.  My kitties missed me.

Now, the huge project will be downloading all of the photos I took on my phone, deciding which ones I want printed out for my travel journal, and deciding which ones to post on future blog posts.

So, for now, I’ll post a couple of photos and, hopefully, I’ll get cracking on some post-trip posts.

Me at Painted Desert National Park, Arizona


“…standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona…”


My feet as close to the edge of the Grand Canyon as I was able to go.  Grand Canyon, for those with a fear of heights (me!) is equivalent to Hell.  But wow, it’s pretty amazing.


Inside a kiva, Pecos National Park, New Mexico.  My sister said she felt that the spirits of the kiva were pissed — it actually made her feel sick!  I took photos anyway.


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