What’s your style?

I’m in a dilemma.  I HATE almost every piece of clothing I have.  I also HATE to shop and HATE to try stuff on in store dressing rooms.

But the worst part is …. I don’t know what my own personal style IS.

I know what I don’t like …. tops that show off my (tractor tire) rolls, pants that I feel are floods (I’m not a fan of cropped pants – middle school/high school teasing of “floods” pour over me when trying to wear them), anything that makes me look wider than I am tall ….

Well, you get the picture.

I’m really a jeans-and-t-shirt gal, plus I like western wear (boots, jeans, snap-button shirts), AND I like wiggle dresses (think Mad Men).  I’m all over the place.  If I could live in jeggings and a decent top, that would be my jam.  But I also must dress for a casual-Friday-type legal office.

t-shirt and skort — hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park:


My western “look” (with my sister in law, Jill) …. and a borrowed snap-front shirt of my brother’s …

gwen and jilly

Our law firm Christmas party, wearing a dress rented from Rent the Runway … that’s me on the left, btw … when I was MUCH fatter …

gwen dawn 2

Me a couple of  years ago with a different Rent the Runway gown … and one of the lawyers I used to work for …

gwen and rich 2015 christmas

My “norm” … t-shirt and jeans.  These are my twin nieces Summer (left) and Hanna (right)

summer gwen hanna

another “norm” look — black leggings with a (very) oversized men’s chambray shirt.

gwen and jill littleton

Basically, I’m not very stylish.  And I don’t know how, exactly, to fix it.

I’ve been trying to watch a bunch of YouTube videos on makeup, hair, lifestyle changes for women over 50, just to get some idea of how to move forward from here.  I just don’t want to end up in muumuu’s or slip-on polyester pants (shuddering) or …. well, I dunno.  Old lady shit.

I’ll take any tips/help/comments.  I’m CERTAIN I’m not alone in this.

16 Replies to “What’s your style?”

    1. I did StitchFix (once!) but was not at all happy with it. I bought a necklace LOL … I think I may look into a personal shopper at a major department store if only to get a better idea of what looks best on my body type, coloring, etc.

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      1. I have to do some clothes shopping tonight for a work trip next week. Which means I’ll probably be spending money on clothes I don’t really like. But fingers crossed I can find something that I can use more than once.

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      1. In spring /summer I have a selection of black or grey dresses. I have two that are for going out at night that requires something a little spiffier. I use accessories to make things fun…necklaces, scarves, and I consider jackets and sweaters accessories. , layering adds something to an outfit. Yesterday I had on an old navy tank dress, but I wore it with fun sandals and bracelet and big chunky necklace, and people complimented the look, so….

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  1. I’m trying out Dia and Co, they’ve sent me stuff that I’d never think to pick out in the store, turns out I like most of it, but it’s expensive. My friend does Gwynnie Bee, for a monthly fee you “rent” clothes and can buy what you like but apparently you can keep the stuff for as long as you like without buying it, you get new stuff when you return it. I don’t know how to pick out clothes for myself which is why Dia and Co works better for me, I don’t have to pick it out, they do that and if I don’t like it I send it back. There’s a $20 a month styling fee that is subtracted when you buy something and 25% off if you buy everything in the box that month.

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  2. I found that if I wore loose fitting baggy clothes, I looked bigger. Accentuate the best part and downplay what you don’t like. I am t-shirt and jeans too, mid rise jeans are the best and fitted shirts. I always try for a v-neck and no horizontal stripes. My daughter tried Dia and Co. and has liked it much better than Stitch Fix. You need to feel comfortable.

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  3. I think if it is comfortable and you feel like you can be yourself…then that is your style. I don’t have a style either, and where ever I am going is a different look, like you. Cute post. fun responses.

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