MY anti-bucket list …..

Georgie at Georgie Moon blogged about an anti-bucket list, and I was intrigued enough to see if I could do one myself.  Here we go ….

These are some things I definitely do NOT want to do before I die…..

  1. I DO NOT want to do wing walking on an old bi-plane.  OR skydiving.    I’m afraid enough of flying INSIDE the airplane, why on God’s green earth would I be outside of one?  Or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane?  YIKES!
  2. I DO NOT want to be on the reality show Survivor …. or Naked and Afraid … or ANY show that makes you eat living shit (worms, bugs, etc) or do really stupid things (like eat worms, etc.).  That’s some crazy business.
  3. I DO NOT want to be a tightrope walker …. I don’t do heights (usually) and … THOSE PEOPLE ARE NUTS!
  4. I DO NOT want to run into snakes when gardening, hiking, walking, or, well, anything.  They scare the bejezuz outta me.
  5. I DO NOT want to speak or sing in front of a large-ish audience.  A couple of folks? OK.  Any more than 6?  Nah.
  6. I DO NOT want to travel to the North Pole or Antarctica. It’s cold there.  Even with menopausal hot flashes and night sweats, it’s too friggin’ cold.  BR.

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