Gray for Memorial Day

My good friend Shelley over at Quaint Revival had a great blog post about her journey to go gray back in February.  I’ve been giving some (ALOT) of though to giving up the L’Oreal bottle and having my own hair “back.”  My sister is already on her journey to do the same – my niece cut her hair super short and she’d already started using a gray toner to blend her “real” hair with her colored hair.

Well, I asked my niece to cut my hair on Sunday, as I was SO unhappy with the length, the split ends, and with the skunk-stripe showing through.  I then looked through Pinterest and watched YouTube videos on using the Manic Panic line of semi-permanent hair dyes to get gray/silver. (I am not being compensated for my views or for mentioning the product — this is just my opinion)  My niece, as a hairdresser, highly recommended the product line, so I went out yesterday, Memorial Day, and bought Manic Panic Virgin White toner and Purple Rage to combat the yellow-y-ness.

Here’s me during the process:


Yeah, it was PURPLE.  Reeeeeeeally purple.

I left this goop on for about 45 minutes.  Here’s the after:

There’s still some residual blonde and it looked purple to me, especially in my bathroom this morning …. I thought I’d be going into work with lavender hair!  But once here, it looked silver/gray with some leftover blonde in it.  Y’all be the judge:

Do I get a YAY or a NAY?



8 Replies to “Gray for Memorial Day”

  1. I say Yay! I colored my hair dark red for many years (my natural hair was more of a light brown/red, sometimes more blonde in the summer). I lifted all of that dark color out about a year ago. Now I am blonde with natural white streaks. Eventually I will allow it to go all white…but I am not quite ready yet…

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    1. thanks! My “normal” hair color is medium to dark brown — I dyed red/auburn for years, then went to blonde, which I really liked. Just found out from a gal at work that the really light blonde washed me out and that this gray is way better. Who knew?! To bad she didn’t say something before.

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  2. I like your gray! I stopped coloring my hair a few years ago and it’s gone gray in a very acceptable (to me!) way! I did it because I was annoyed with seeing older couples where the man is all gray and the woman is obviously sporting a dye job because they are the same age. Why do women have to try to look younger the older they get but men don’t have the same standards set against them?! My husband and I are BOTH going gray together! My mom thinks I’m nuts. 😊

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    1. There are several of us in my circle of acquaintances who are going natural …. I think we just get tired of the constant upkeep. And yes, as always, there’s that damned double standard!

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