Mamma Blue Jay and her brood

Some time over the winter, a momma blue jay decided that the privacy fence on the back deck between condos was the perfect place to build a nest and have a buncha babies.  Even though the electrical cords and a bulb to my deck lights is RIGHT. THERE.  You can see momma’s tail in the first photo on the left hand side of the plank.


Givin’ me the eyeball — see the cord/light? These 2 photos are taken on April 12.


Wednesday, May 7, I decided to see if there really were babies in the nest.  Oh yes, most definitely.  Somebody is waiting for a snack …


Completely bald.


So, yesterday, Sunday, May 6, I decided to check on the babies.  WOW they’ve grown and are starting to fledge out!


See their little feathers?


Nature is SUCH a wonder.

I’m glad Maggie can’t get out … she spends hours watching Momma Blue Jay flying in and out of the nest bringing goodies for the babies.  I think she’d make short work of those little cuties.



2 Replies to “Mamma Blue Jay and her brood”

  1. Oh, my, gosh! 5 babies – she’s kind of a clever mom to keep them safe in such a weird spot! Fun post to see how they’ve grown! 🙂

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