Review – Coleman cots

In a previous post, I mentioned buying cots for our Roaring River SOTF event.  Well, we’re back and, basically, thrilled with the tent and the cots.

cotPhoto from

Here’s our setup.  The tent is a Coleman 4-person Instant Cabin, 8×7 footprint, height of 4’10 at the center (affiliate link).


As you can see here, the 2 cots barely fit in the tent.  We set them side by side and shared the bedding, just like a “real” bed.  The cots were comfortable – plenty of room to turn over without feeling like you were headed onto the tent floor!


me & my sis


I’d say that if you were in the market for a camping cot, this one would be my recommendation.

Please note that there are affiliate links in my post.  Also, my sister and I bought all of the camping equipment — we did not receive any freebies in exchange for a review.




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