Countdown to Roaring River

roaring river

photo courtesy of Missouri State Parks website

Thursday (4/26) my sister and I leave for our second Sisters on the Fly (SOTF) event at Roaring River State Park.  The event is called Go Fish 2018 and, yes, we will be fly fishing!  Near Cassville, MO, Roaring River is known for its trout-stocked (nightly) river and all around excellent fishing.  The park also has a nature center, seven hiking trails, a swimming pool, restaurant, and camp store.

We will be joining other SOTF sisters in Campground #1, which has electric and nearby water.  It was intended to be a more organized event, however the hostess has been ill and at least one class will probably not happen.  That said, the reason for getting the Sisters together revolves around socializing, fishing, cooking, fishing, hiking, fishing …. did I mention fishing?  There is also plenty of sight-seeing, junking/thrifting, and other outdoor activities near the park, so if someone is bored, they’re an idiot.

I have a list of things I need to get TONIGHT after work, like pre-cooked bacon, some meat and cheese snack paks for quickie lunches, and other last-minute essentials.  I’m also going to boil eggs for quick breakfasts.  Our tent has NOT yet been delivered, much to our distress, but we are supposed to get it tomorrow.  Not cool.

My sis and I are really excited about getting together with our SOTF sisters again.  The more we can take part in these events, the more comfortable we will be with the whole group.  I had dinner last night with one member, Carolyn, who was our fly fishing instructor a few weeks ago at Bennett Springs National Park, and we just talked forever!  We have very similar interests and are at that time in our lives where we want to have fun.  Live life on our own terms.  Do what we wanna.

Hopefully I’ll catch a fish, too!



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