Peace in the family

Happy Monday, y’all!

Our family had a very significant event happen this past weekend. Something very good.

We found some peace.

My brother and sister, the two middle kids, have always had a rough relationship, but several things happened over the last few years to sever their relationship. It was heartbreaking, especially when my Mom was trying to get the family together for Thanksgiving the last couple of years.  I know that there has always been a love there, even if they didn’t want to have a relationship.  I always believed there was hope.

Hope came in the form of a brother being finally “over it”, and a sister letting go of the past. He asked her to come down to visit our parents while he was there (via texts from me).  She was nervous, but, in the end, he said – “come down, we’ll hug it out.”  So she drove down.

And they did.

It was a beautiful thing, seeing them hug, talk about stuff, have dinner and drink wine ….. then the next day, while the parents were walking the dogs, they talked camping equipment and fly fishing. I wish I’d been there for that, but I had to drive back home the night before due to weird weather happenings and leaving windows opened in the condo.  There’s talk of the three of us “kids” getting together to fly fish, and of my Mother flying out to visit him and his family.

There’s healing, and hope, and, finally, some peace.

Life is too short. Bury the hurts, the harsh words, the slights, or the accusations.  Something can happen in a split second to any of us.  You don’t want to die leaving unfinished business.  Family, really, is all we have.

And now I have my family back together. Almost.

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