Sweet! Blogger Recognition Award


Thanks so much to my blogger buddy Cherie of That Blog Where Cherie Moves to Germany for the recognition!  I love her blog and I admire her so much for up and moving to Germany with her family.

So, here are the rules attached to this particular award:

1. The nominee writes a post, thanking the nominator.

Duh!  There’s no way I wouldn’t thank someone for that.  Thanks Cherie!

2. Nominee shares a brief story about how the blog started.

3. Nominee shares 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers

4. Nominate 15 bloggers

I started blogging several years ago, then stopped.  Then a couple of years went by and I decided that I wanted to talk about living life after age 50, having adventures, traveling, sharing photographs, and just whatever.  I’m humbled that over 225 folks have decided that I may actually have something interesting to say!  Who knew!


  1. JUST BE YOU.  Don’t try to be hilarious or cutsey or ranty or whatever …. don’t do what others do just because they are successful.  Find your own voice.
  2. Interact with other bloggers — don’t just hit the LIKE button, tell them WHY you liked their post.  Or didn’t like it.


Fatty McCupcakes (yeah, I know Cherie just nominated you, but you are one of my FAV’S)

National Parks With T

Cupcakes and Machetes

Mistakes and Adventures

Quaint Revival

Empty Nest Adventures

Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50 (my “sister of the same-ish mother”!)

The G Sandwich

Mountain Maven

Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together (funniest effing blog.  Period.)

Don’t Make it Weird

Always Backroads

Wind Kisses

Authentically 50 – Embracing Life’s Changes

Travels with Choppy

Finding a Sober Miracle

Midlife Margaritas

5 Replies to “Sweet! Blogger Recognition Award”

  1. Aww, thanks so much for the nomination! I’m happy you’ve enjoyed my ramblings enough to think of me! Like you, I have returned to blogging after a long absence…I used to blog about scrapbooking and other paper crafting and random thoughts. My life’s journey took a pretty sharp turn at some point and suddenly paper crafting was no longer my scene. I dropped the blog and took to Instagram as my main outlet. Storytelling is pretty limited there, so at the beginning of this year, I found wordpress and thought, why not?
    Anyway, I appreciate the mention and have been enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 2 people

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