SOTF Adventure #1 – Fly Fishing 101


As I mentioned in a previous blog post, my sister and I met the original sisters, Maurrie and Becky, who started the women’s outdoor group Sisters on the Fly.  That’s us 4 in the photo above.  We’ve been hoping to meet up with some Sisters and tour their groovy, cute campers, which we finally did at the St. Louis Home and Garden Show a few weeks ago.  We lost no time in signing up to be Sisters and signing up for our first SOTF event, Fly Fishing 101 in Columbia, Missouri.

We are psyched!  I bought a fly rod/reel combo through Amazon (link here), am packed, kitty sitter arranged, and 1/2 day of work until I’m on my way!  I’ve not had a chance to learn fly fishing until this trip, although my sister has gone a couple of times.  My brother James is a fly fishing nut — it’s one of his two main hobbies, the other being riding motorcycles in the mountains.  James also ties flies, wish, I think, I’d like to try down the road.

Photos will follow from this weekend’s fun.  Happy Easter, y’all!

(please note that the Amazon link above is an affiliate link)

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