International Women’s Day

Women today do many of the things our great-grandmothers did …. we bear the children and teach them to be good people … we do laundry … we cook nutritious food for our families ….. we laugh, cry, pray, sing, dance, sleep …. we teach our children in school and nurse sick people back to health … primarily, though, they and we are the mothers.

But our great-grandmothers could’ve never envisioned how far women have come … that said, we still have far to go.

Today my thoughts revolve around the women in my life — the women of my family.

My grandmother — who NEVER learned to drive — she fell in love with my grandpa because he was a snazzy dresser and a helluva dancer, and married him against the advice of her brothers

ed and clara boxleitner portrait

My mother — she raised 4 kids to be exceptional people — we are all college graduates (3 of who have advanced degrees … yes, I’m the slacker, thank you very much …) — Mom and Dad bought a 35 acre farm when they were in their 50’s and raised sheep and other critters … most women anticipate retiring from farm chores in their 50’s, but Ma … NOPE.

My sister …. my best friend, confidante, adventure partner ….. assistant principal and author.  I would not be half the person I am without her in my life.

My niece Lauren who found the love of her life and has the MOST amazing daughter … she’s strong AF and is as no-nonsense as they come.

My sister-in-law, Jill …. I normally call her my SISTER – she’s been part our family since she was 15 and first dating my brother James … genuinely the nicest, kindest gal … and a shit-ton of fun.  Oh, and you CAN’T drink this gal under the table — my brother has tried!

And my children, Katie and Stephanie.  They are absolutely fantastic people — kind, compassionate, hard-working — and I couldn’t ask for two more amazing children.

How blessed I am to have these incredible women in my life.  They all are a part of my soul … I could not imagine what my life would’ve been without them.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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