White Haven – U.S. Grant National Historic Site

Today was nasty/rainy and good for an outing to one of the local National Historic Sites close to home.  White Haven was purchased and owned by the parents of Julia Dent, who went on to marry Ulysses S. Grant in 1848.  The is only 10 acres remaining of the 850-1000 acres that was originally part of the plantation, and it is owned and run by the National Park Service.  In addition to the house itself, there is a large barn, which houses the museum, an icehouse, a chicken house (which is HUGE! Those must’ve been some happy chickens!), and a summer kitchen.  The house is painted a funky green color, which is actually the same color as it was painted at the time the Grants lived there, a color popular in the Victorian times.  You may only see the inside of the home during a Park Service tour.  I was very impressed with the ranger that took us through, as he was extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  It was also great to see the youngest boy in the tour going through the Junior Ranger program, which is offered at all of the National Parks, Historic Sites, etc.  You have to go through a checklist, interview the ranger, answer questions and, at the end, you get a Junior Ranger certificate and patch.

I was glad to finally stop here, as I’ve wanted to see this site for quite a few years.  One more stamp in my National Parks Passport!

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