52 Hike Challenge


Hey, happy Saturday, y’all!

This week I signed up for the 52 Hike Challenge and also, as of today, became an affiliate!  YAAAAY!  I’m super excited!  And although I’ve not had a whole lot of adventures as of late, I’m super-psyched to get outside and do some serious wandering/adventuring.  I also signed up for two women-only hiking groups, Mtn Chicks, which has a national as well as regional chapters, and Women Who Hike, which has regional and state chapters.

I’m also hoping to join Sisters on the Fly, even though I don’t have a super-cute vintage travel trailer ……….. YET!

It’s still rainy, blah, grey, depressing-looking here in STL ……… but sunshine is in the forecast for tomorrow.

OH, and one other thing:  The Gateway Arch and it’s grounds, formerly known as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, has been changed by President Trump as Gateway Arch National Park!  See the article here.  And while I’m NOT a fan of STL at all, especially after living here almost 12 years, I’m very glad that the Arch, such an iconic symbol of the Gateway to the West, has become a National Park.  It truly deserves the distinction.

Happy Saturday one and all!

9 Replies to “52 Hike Challenge”

  1. This is awesome!! If you ever get out to Colorado, we have some pretty spectacular hikes. 🙂 That’s pretty cool the Arch is now a NP. We were there a few years ago and enjoyed it very much. I had no idea there was that huge museum underneath it!

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    1. my brother lives in Littleton, CO, so I’ve been out a couple of times and just loved it! Drove up Mt. Evans AND Pike’s Peak, scared to DEATH!! Hope we can get together my next trip out – would be awesome!

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