Au revoir Dinosaur Duck

The photos above are NOT of Big White, but several of his flockmates, all now deceased.

Saturday, while at Mom and Dad’s Farm, Mom mentioned that my Muskovy duck, Big White, had finally passed away.  Muskovy ducks are native to South America and are perching ducks — they have claws at the ends of their webbed feet to allow them to roost overnight in trees.  Big White, affectionately re-named “Dinosaur Duck” due to his long lifespan, was about 10 years old. Per the website Animal Diversity Web,  “Wild and domesticated Muscovy ducks typically live for 7 to 8 years. Muscovy ducks seem to be resistant to most diseases.” So, Dinosaur Duck was super old for a Muscovy.

I always checked up on DD (Dinosaur Duck), as he was the last remaining critter from my days at Broken Branch Ranch, the rural property I owned with my then live-in.  All the other animals had either died of old age, disease, or predation.  Muskovys don’t quack like “regular” ducks — they hiss.  And they walk with a particular swagger that was cool to watch.  They do this head bobbing thing … see the video:

video courtesy of YouTube

Anyway, RIP Dinosaur Duck.  You had your pick of the ladies, and was a gentleman to the end.  To some, he may have been just a duck, but I reeeeeally liked him.  Rural life dreams may just have died as well.

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