Wheat belly – it’s real

I’ve been living a (mostly) Ketogenic lifestyle since April of 2016 and have had relatively few adverse effects.  I never got “Keto flu,” never had my hair fall out (yeah, that can happen), and can’t remember ever having much of an upset stomach.  I’m sure it probably happened, but I just don’t remember.

Well, that changed.

Last night I bought some sriracha wings from Walgreens — their brand, which I’ve eaten a zillion times over the last two years.Image result for walgreens brand sriracha wings

I never checked the ingredients before, as I (erroneously) believed that there was not a breading or anything. WRONG.  Ingredients include SUGAR (ugh) and WHEAT (double-ugh).  I cannot believe I never checked this before.  Nothing like sabotaging yourself for 2 years.  Well, ok, a person can make a mistake.  Learn from it and move on.

Except that my guts are in an uproar.

Now THIS is something completely new.  Even when I went off-plan during the holidays and on vacation, eating bread, potatoes, and dessert, my insides never complained like this.  And no, it’s not the sriracha.  They aren’t that hot at all.  I’d love to guzzle a bit of Pepto, but God knows there’s probably 100 carbs in a TBSP (I haven’t looked yet).

I guess I thought this only happened to “other people.”  I mean, I’m a bread-aholic when I’m not eating Keto.  7-grain bread, whole wheat, etc., none of it ever bothered me.  I guess my body has decided that eating wheat SUCKS and that if I don’t pay more attention to labels, I’m a-gonna hurt.  BAD.

Lesson learned.

2 Replies to “Wheat belly – it’s real”

  1. After a lot of trial and error over the past 5 years we found our son to be allergic to gluten. While we started on improving his diet it became something our entire family starting getting into and one that has improved all our well being. Diet and nutrition has an incredible impact, not just on our waist lines, but on our mental health, energy level, etc. Keep up the good work.

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