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This gal just paid her very last mother-effin’ student loan payment!!

This heavy financial burden took 10 years to pay off, at $350 per month.  I can finally take that money — as much as a frickin’ car payment — and start paying down the other debt I’ve accumulated.  AND I might just have enough to bump up my 401(k) contribution.

Y’all, this was a huge triumph.  OK, so it was “ONLY” $30,000 in student loans.  I work with lawyers who have a couple HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars in student loan debt, so my measly 30-grand is only a spit in the barrel comparatively.  That said, they also make the money to afford to pay down that massive debt.  I don’t know how they do it with mortgages, nice cars, and kids.

But today I don’t care about anyone else’s finances.  I can only celebrate my own step towards becoming debt-free, or at least debt-manageable.  And I feel soooo gooood!

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