Top Favorite Movies

In a post on her blog, thatblogwherecheriemovestogermany,  Cherie did a top ten list of her all-time favorite movies.  In that vein, I thought I’d post ten of my own most favorite movies.  These are not in any sort of order.

  1.  Under the Tuscan Sun

Image result for Under the Tuscan Sun

2.  Nights in Rodanthe — I cry like a baby every.single.time.

Image result for Nights in Rodanthe

3.  Gone with the Wind — one of my very favorites from when I was in 6th grade and first read the book.

Image result for gone with the wind

4.  Ghost — another cry-my-eyes-out movie

Image result for Ghost 1990

5.  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  Fantastic all-star cast of mature actors and actresses.

Image result for the best marigold hotel movieImage result for the best marigold hotel movie

6.  Woman in Gold — I hadn’t heard of this movie until I saw the trailer on one of the Marigold Hotel movies.  Helen Mirren is fantastic.

Image result for woman in gold

7.  Elizabeth and Elizabeth, The Golden Age — Cate Blanchett makes a fantastic Queen Elizabeth I.  She plays her just as I would’ve imagined the Queen to be in real life.

Image result for Elizabeth (film)Image result for Elizabeth (film)



8.  Pirates of the Caribbean:  The Curse of the Black Pearl.  The first movie is the best.

Image result for pirates of the caribbean

9.  Wild — fantastic book, fantastic movie.

Image result for wild

10.  Thelma and Louise — THE best road trip movie.  EVER.

Image result for thelma and louise

So, there y’are, movies I can watch 1000 times and never get tired of them.

What are some of YOUR favorites?

Edited:  OOPS …. looks like “fantastic” is my word of the day.  I better get my thesaurus out for my next Favorites post!  Sorry about that!

Image result for sorry about that gif

8 Replies to “Top Favorite Movies”

  1. Love your list. Here are some of mine: Broadcast News, Officer and a Gentleman, and Terms of Endearment. Yea, I’m dating myself. But I have watched all of them several times, and never tire of them.


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