Getting sober — a family affair


Those of you who have followed me since I started this blog will remember my on-going issues with alcohol and getting sober.  It’s one of THE hardest things I’ve ever done, but I feel so much better when I’m off the “sauce.”  That said, my sister and I made a plan …. she would start back on Whole30 and I would start back on strict Keto, and incorporate sobriety as well.  Whole30 advocates no alcohol anyway, so I just tagged onto that as well.  Martinis are definitely Keto-approved, but drinking a 1/2 dozen is (probably) frowned upon.

On New Year’s Eve afternoon, my eldest daughter called me very upset.  She had met a really nice guy, originally from the Elgin, IL area but currently living in Arizona, and was excited/nervous that he was traveling to Elgin to visit family over the holidays.  She picked him up at the airport and, later in the evening, she got super-drunk, apparently embarrassed herself, and the guy from Arizona refused to have anymore to do with her.  Wouldn’t take her calls, wouldn’t return texts …. Done.  I did my very best Momming during that phone call.  She didn’t want to be like this anymore, didn’t want to black out, didn’t want to do stupid shit, didn’t want to be the person she’d become.  I told her that I’d been drinking way too much myself and had decided to stop.  I told her that the strength to stop drinking had to come from inside herself, but if she thought she needed help, that AA was a good program or that going back to her psychologist would also be beneficial.  “But I’m scared.”  Doing hard adult things IS scary.  I’m scared too. I could drink and drink and drink and end up like my father, dead of a massive heart attack, sitting on the toilet — he was dead for 4 days before anyone came by to see if he was OK.

Well, last night I read a FaceBook post from my daughter.  “7 days sober from alcohol.  It’s only up from here!” OMG, I was so proud of her and so thrilled that she took control of her life.  And there was SUCH an outpouring of support for her.  I had assumed that most of her friends were of the bar crowd, but I was wrong.  So many young people in her life are also sober.  She’s staying away from the booze and those that abuse it.  She’s definitely on her way.

Thank you to Shawna Rae of Finding a Sober Miracle for the support and fabulous blog posts.  Shawna, I’m thinking she read your post that I shared on my FB page.  It definitely made an impact on me, and if she DID read it, I’m sure it did for her as well.

Thanks to all for your unwavering love and support.  I “heart” you all.

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