Back to Strict …


I’ve spent months, well, almost a year now, drinking martinis, eating key lime pie on vacation, eating small amounts of “forbidden” things like bread and potatoes, and, basically, derailing my Keto success from 2016.  After my latest checkup, which showed increased BP, increased A1C, and elevated cholesterol numbers, I’ve gotten back on the Keto bandwagon and hunkered down.  I’ve had very little alcohol since Christmas, no sweets at all, and have kept my carbs at 20 grams or less.  From my weight at the doctor’s office on December 22 of 211 lbs, I’m back down into “Onederland” at 198.8 lbs. as of January 06.  I’ve slept much better, feel better, and look better.

That said, taking a double-dose of Metformin without starting out low and titrating upwards, has reeked havoc on my poor guts.  I’ve felt like I had the colonoscopy prep again.  Several times.  In the middle of the night.  As in waking up at 3am and running to the bathroom, hoping to get there in time. UGH.  I know, TMI, right?!  So I took yesterday off.  I always laugh at my mother who always blames medicine for her many maladies (“it’s the medicine”) …. well, now I can definitely say “it’s the medicine” just like Ma.  I refuse, however, to take the Lipitor the doctor prescribed.  I’ve read too much bad stuff about it, mostly on the Keto sites, so I’ll do my ultimate best to get the cholesterol numbers down using diet, rather than popping another pill.

Keto on my friends.



2 Replies to “Back to Strict …”

  1. I hear you. Time to get back into things, as they used to say. Gong to the Y tonight for a program that hopefully will get me into fighting shape by March 4th. It’s a constant battle, and sometimes you just need to take a break to get motivated. Good luck!

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