Thanks for the love …

in my time of sadness.  I so appreciate all the support in the loss of my Lil.


As an avid proponent of adopting the potentially unadoptable, I have already looked into adopting another sweet FIV girl kitty to come live with me and Georgie.  I’m certain Georgie wouldn’t give two shits, as he’s SUCH a momma’s boy, but an energetic young girl for a buddy is a good thing for him.  I’m obviously going to give myself time to grieve a bit, but there is always room in my home and my heart for animals that need a Momma.

Anyway, I just wanted y’all to know how much it means to me to have such great bloggers around me.  Thanks again and hugs.


7 Replies to “Thanks for the love …”

  1. I lasted about two weeks after my first Lab died. I missed her so much and the house seemed so terribly quiet. I adopted a puppy about a month later, and she’s turned into the best dog. Whatever cat you adopt will be blessed.

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    1. I have been blessed by every dog and cat I’ve rescued, which has been A LOT over the years … and FIV cats are virtually unadoptable because people don’t understand it. That’s why I look for them specifically.

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