RIP sweet Lily Belle


My sweet Lil is gone.  Found out on NY Eve morning that she had a tumor in her ileum (part of the digestive tract) and, being FIV (immunocompromised) and with an alarmingly low white cell count, I had to make the hard decision.  She had been in pain and I can’t allow a kitty to suffer.  She lived a wonderful short 8 months with me, but she knew love.  That’s all one can hope for.  My sweet Lil.

lil b&w


19 Replies to “RIP sweet Lily Belle”

    1. thank you my good friend — I can be content in the knowledge that she didn’t spend the remainder of her life in a cage, not knowing the love of a family. ❤


  1. I add my condolences for the passing of Lily Belle. I have lost a number of pets over the years. Fortunately, the pain of that loss is more than compensated by the joy that they have always brought to my life.

    I noticed that you recently took a look at some of the travel posts on my blog – Thanks for taking a peek. I’ve only been at this since the beginning of last year and I still have lots of travel posts to make. Now that I have retired, my wife and I won’t be doing as much travelling (at least internationally), but it is fun to relive the experiences by writing about them.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words.

      I really liked your blog and your especially in-depth discussion of your Southwest trip to Bryce, Zion, and the “Big Ditch.” My sister and I are doing part of Route 66 this June and anticipate seeing the Grand Canyon FINALLY!

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  2. That trip to southern Utah was quite recent, and very enjoyable. If you’ve read my post about it, you know that we stayed in Kanab and visited the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for the first time. We really liked that a lot. I highly recommend it, and Kanab is a great, central location for visiting everything else. Since you are an animal lover, I think you might really enjoy visiting the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary which is just north of Kanab. Visiting it has led me to become involved with an affiliated no-kill animal shelter here in suburban Albuquerque. I transport dogs and cats to and from various pet adoption locations.

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    1. I’ve been a follower of Best Friends for MANY years and actually bought the book on how the sanctuary came to be. Visiting has been a bucket list item for me, as has visiting Utah.

      I haven’t been called upon to do any transporting, but I did put my name out there for the Illinois Doberman Rescue group (in Barrington, IL) === I have adopted 3 dogs (all now deceased) and still follow them quite religiously.

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      1. Our no-kill shelter is called Watermelon Mountain Ranch. I take my own dog, Lucas along on my transports. I don’t know who enjoys the company more – him or me? Thank you for participating in the Illinois rescue group.

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