Finally, it’s over.


Christmas is over, thank God.

It’s become a very depressing and disappointing holiday, the older I get. Maybe it’s because my Christmas has morphed into the “old fart Christmas” …. Me, Mom, Dad, and my sister.  The four old people.  My niece, her husband, and Clara also celebrate with us, but the core of any get-togethers is the four old farts.

It has also become a pretty depressing time because my eldest daughter doesn’t have the capacity to be thankful or grateful for anything. Christmas was 3 days ago … do you think she’s sent a text to thank me (or anyone else) for her gifts?  I texted her to remind her to thank my Mom and Dad for the $100 check they sent … her reply was “I will, I’m an adult.”  REALLY?  Just because you are 23 ½, that doesn’t necessarily qualify you as an adult in and of itself.  Being an adult means ACTING like an adult.  I taught both my girls way better than that.  It’s bad enough that *I* didn’t get a thank you, but it’s inexcusable that the rest of the gift-givers didn’t get one either. WTF?

In that same vein, Clara, my 7 ½ year old great-niece, acted pretty ungrateful as well during present-opening on Christmas. If she got clothes, it was like …”oh, clothes (disgusted look) …..” and they were tossed to the side.  OK, I DO get it …. clothes at Christmas CAN suck, but had *I* gotten some of the cool clothes she did when I was her age, I would’ve been crazy happy.

And, for the first time ever, my nieces in Denver sent no thank you texts either. What the fuck is going on? I don’t have money falling out my ass, so, basically, if you got a gift, you’re pretty fuckin’ lucky.

One shitty disappointment after another. Maybe I just should chuck it and take a vacation during Christmas — a cruise!  The beach!  Anywhere!!



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