The dreaded pre-Christmas question …


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My mother already asked the dreaded question …. “what do you want for Christmas?”

UGH.  I HATE that question.  What do I WANT?  I don’t really WANT anything.  I NEED about $1500 to put a new top on my convertible, but that ain’t gonna be under the tree.

I know one thing I’m getting:


Omaha steaks, to be exact.

(I’m not yet accepted into the affiliate program, but if accepted, will add my affiliate link here)

I never know what to ask for … if I say “money,” Ma will STILL want to get me something.  “You have to have something to open …” No I don’t.

She won’t listen.

Then, on the flip side, what the HELL do you get the old farts?  They have money to buy whatever they want at any time …. so there’s really no need for Dad to get another flannel shirt or Ma to get nightie pants.  I usually opt for books, as both the old dudes read voraciously, but I like to get original things.  Stuff they wouldn’t get for themselves.

Personally, now that our parents are old and us KIDS are old, I’d rather just forget about the presents.  But Ma would never go for that.

I suppose I wouldn’t either.

I think I’m a Grinch-wannabe …. but I really DO like Christmas.

Just don’t tell anybody.


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