Branching out … the world of affiliate marketing

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Well, I’ve stuck my toe into the world of the affiliate marketer, and I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing!

Ebay, Amazon and Target, so far, have accepted me into their affiliate programs.  Which is pretty cool in itself.  But how do you decide how much, how often, and just HOW to cash in on those programs?  I do have favorite stores, clothes, books, etc. and I have mentioned a few in past posts …. all prior to undertaking the affiliate market thing.  Do I go back and insert links?  Do I just take it from here on out and, when giving my opinion of a product/service/etc., make sure the appropriate affiliate link is attached?  I dunno.

How do y’all do it?  I put my affiliate link in the footer of my blog as a text link, as I didn’t really want to have some big ad block.

Honestly, I have no illusions that this little blog is gonna be my ticket to financial independence.  But, if I could make a couple of dollars, that would be cool.

Any and all opinions, comments, and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

6 Replies to “Branching out … the world of affiliate marketing”

  1. I’m new to It a little bit but I’ve done a lot of research. So like my blog that i just started will be about business. I have found a few business that ways to earn income and have affiliate programs. You have to just incorporate what your interest are into the kind of affiliate marketing you want. If you have anymore questions I’ll answer as much as possible.

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  2. I just started. I read it is best to do it as a hyper link as opposed to banner ads and the like. I am certain I will make zero dollars but I always try what I can. I only affiliate with products I love. I only have a couple so far but I almost jumped up on excitement when I got Barnes & Noble. Haha if anything it will be a fun attempt at something. I wish you luck. I will click your links when I see them. Sometimes that helps depending on the promotion. 😉 – lacey

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  3. There are huge resource about product auto post for affiliate marker. I remember a plugin called wpzon builder. Used it several years for amazon and made me few hundred dollars per month. I haven’t checked there website yet but I’m sure there are quite a lot of plugins out there to help ‘better’ process.

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