Lily Belle

My sweet girl, Lily Belle, had a bout with pneumonia in August, but she’s not been quite the same since.  She’s FIV+, which means that her immune system is not able to fight off illness like a FIV- (aka “normal”) cat can.  She has lost weight (4 lbs, which is a lot for a cat), doesn’t eat much, doesn’t play, and is just not the same. (Information on FIV+ cats at

I originally took her to a local vet in STL, who diagnosed the pneumonia, however I had an animal hospital for my dogs and cats in Glen Carbon, IL (Hawthorne Animal Hospital) that I think is superior to about any other place.  It’s a drive for me, about 40 miles, and they are expensive, but I trust them.

She had X-rays of her chest and abdomen that were deemed unremarkable.  No real evidence of the pneumonia or gut issues.  She also had a blood panel done, which did not come out nearly as positive.  Many of her lab values for blood counts are all over the board … some high, some low.  From what I’ve read, it seems like her body is in the midst of some sort of infection/inflammation which accounts for the bizarre labs.  The vet I saw at Hawthorne is thinking that the FIV virus is ramping up towards full-blown AIDS, which would mean she has a very short time to live.  I lost a kitten, Olivia, at age 7 months to this exactly a year ago.  It’s one thing to put down an old dog … quite another to put down a kitten that was a holy terror in October, then completely lethargic and uninterested in food by November.  It about broke my heart to pieces.

I’m praying that Lil is not going down the path that Olivia did …. she had been a stray, then was held at a “rescue” in a cage for 6 months, so she’s not had the best beginning for a young cat (she’s 3 years old).  I’m hoping I can limp her through the next month or so and figure out a way to get her somewhat healthy again.

Keep my girl in your prayers please.

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