My last race of the year …

Last weekend was the Rock N Roll St. Louis Marathon weekend, and I raced both days.  Saturday was a 5K and Sunday was a 10K.  I did both to qualify for the Remix Challenge – do the 5K on Saturday and any other distance (10K or 1/2 marathon) on Sunday and get a special medal.

I’m a bling whore.  I readily admit it.

I’m now sitting at my desk at work with a wrap around my bunged-up knee.  This particular wrap is connected to a gizmo that pumps ice water into it.  The gizmo, called the Polar Care Cube by Breg has helped immensely with the pain and swelling.


I’ve gotta get better.  I have one more race this year.  One more race challenge.  One more extra medal.

I will rest then.


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