This weekend …

me, my sister, my mother, my niece, and my great-niece are heading down to Southern Illinois near Giant City State Park for a much needed girl’s weekend.  The last time my sister and I were in the area was for her 50th birthday weekend.  We hiked, went to wineries, shopped, and just hung out together.

Christine 50th bd hike

This will be a first for all of us ladies (and one mini-lady!) to take this type of trip.  Momma doesn’t like to leave Daddy behind by himself, as he’s starting to get a bit forgetful/dementia-sorta.  I mean, he’s 79, and dementia runs in his family, so we all keep a close eye out.  We have talked with my sister’s ex-husband, who lives in one of the farms behind my folks (and farms their ground for them), my niece’s husband, and the neighbors across the road —- all are going to check up on him to make sure nothing untoward happens.  Because Momma doesn’t like to leave Daddy for any length of time, we figured she’d wuss out.  There’s still time, as we don’t leave until Saturday morning, but we’re hoping that, in lining up people to check in on Daddy, that she can feel semi-comfortable enough to go.

We need this sister/mother/niece/daughter/granddaughter/great-niece time together.  I would give anything to have my own daughters here to enjoy this kind of trip, too.

Anyway, I won’t be posting thru the weekend or on Monday, but should have some nice photos and memories to share.

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