Prayers for Vegas

I woke up this morning to the horrible overnight mass shooting in Las Vegas and instantly checked to see that my bosses were ok.  I work for a law firm and of the 4 attorneys I have on my secretarial assignment, 3 are remote – one in Las Vegas, one part-time in Vegas and part-time in Salt Lake City, and one in Reno.  In addition, there is a big gaming conference (G2E) starting today in Vegas and 3 more of our firm attorneys flew out last night to attend.

The attorney I work for that lives in Vegas full time has been on my secretarial assignment for 10 years.  I’ve vacationed in Las Vegas and stayed with him and his wife.  I’ve gone to concerts and weddings and restaurants with him and his wife.  I’m practically one of his kids!  He and his wife attend a lot of concerts and shows on the strip, so it was no small stretch to think that he could’ve been in that hell.  The part-time Vegas guy was in Salt Lake City this past week and hadn’t left to travel back yet as of this morning.  My Reno guy was flying into Vegas this morning to attend the gaming conference.  The 3 other attorneys from our STL office stayed — you guessed it — at Mandalay Bay.  They witnessed the horror from the casino.

I am acquaintances of some of the support staff from the Vegas office and have a high school friend that lives in Henderson, NV.  Everyone I have checked up on has been ok.

Thank God for the police, fire, ambulance, and other first-responders.  They, and good Samaritans, put themselves out in the line of fire to help others.  They are the true heroes.

Let’s pray for the injured and dead, along with their families.

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